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Amis BK Support Group, referred to as “AMIS BK” is a registered non-profit organization which is devoted to making a difference in our community. We do this by implementing programs aimed at building social cohesion between locals and foreign nationals through projects focusing on social cohesion and pacific cohabitation. Our programs are inclusive and are focused mainly on education, sports, cultural awareness, as well as projects aimed at self-reliance activities. Participants and beneficiaries of our programs are not chosen based on gender, origin, colour, political affiliation or sexual orientation. We are an inclusive organization. Our registration number is 085501-NPO.

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Our Activities


We intervene in social problems of our members, this include mourning, celebrations, and other ceremonies that necessitate financial and moral support. In exceptional cases, we also intervene in cases which require the preservation of the dignity of the human species, for instance helping people who do not have family members around Cape Town even if they are not members of our organization..



Sport is for us, as for everyone else, a game of entertainment. We have a well-structured team with equipment and sport instructors. Our goal is to transform this game into a means of dissipating the differences between us and with local community. This helps us opening channels to facilitate integration and cohabitation with local community. .

Seminar and conferences

To equip our members with knowledge, we organize seminars, conferences and workshops dealing with issues that are related to the employability, getting access to high education including funding and bursary and more. We also use this platform to address the challenges visible in Africa in general and in Democratic Republic of Congo specifically.


The group is more active in outings. We have different outings that we organize during each year; this includes taking children during the school holidays to the Zoo, Museum, Park and other interesting places for educational purpose.

Monthly meeting

Every last Sunday of the month, we meet to discuss our issues, challenges and any matter facing our community. We invite relevant people from other organisations including Government and NGOs to talk to us when we need clarity on certain issues.

Math an Science Class

Venue: Observatory Community Hall Date: very Saturday Time: 09:00-12:00 Learner Level: Grade 8 to Grade 12 Subject: Mathematics and Science .


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Become a Volunteer

Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.

Our Leading Team

Mr Amani namufakage


Mr Charles Bisimwa

Vice Chairperson

Dr Justin Munyakazi

Programme officer

Murhula daniel Kaka

In charge of Sport

Mss Sifa Rosette Vuninga

Finance Officer

We Need Your Help

To keep all our activities running and to extend our intervention to more needy people, we need help from you.  For now you can either donate online/transfer straight into our bank account or by contacting us to make arrangement. Please give us a call if you’d like additional information on our organization or its mission. Thank you in advance. We appreciate your support.

Dr Herman Muhambe

In charge of Education and ICT

Mr Jean claude Birindwa

In charge of Media and ICT

Mr Bertin Manwa

Public Relations Officer

Mr Seraphin Zirhumana

General Secretary

Jamala safari

General Secretary

Mr Mushagalusa Papy


Mrs Adeline Munyakazi

Gender and Social affaires Officer