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Amis BK Support Group, referred to as “AMIS BK” is a registered non-profit organization which is devoted to making a difference in our community. We do this by implementing programs aimed at building social cohesion between locals and foreign nationals through projects focusing on social cohesion and pacific cohabitation. Our programs are inclusive and are focused mainly on education, sports, cultural awareness, as well as projects aimed at self-reliance activities. Participants and beneficiaries of our programs are not chosen based on gender, origin, colour, political affiliation or sexual orientation. We are an inclusive organization.
Our registration number is 085501-NPO.

AMIS BK screened a total of 163 vulnerable families in the community that are totally vulnerable as a result of the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The number of members in those families varies between three (3) and ten (10) people. Most of them are refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. They work in the informal sector as hairdressers, barmen, waiters, babysitters, cleaners and others are unemployed. With this kind of jobs, savings are impossible and one puts food on the table only if they have gone out to work. None of them have benefited from neither the Unemployment Insurance Fund nor the food parcels from the Department of Social Development.

Recently, Amis BK embarked in a food distribution campaign that managed to feed 46 families. Due to limited funds, we are not able to reach out to all the families we have identified. We therefore wish to extend the distribution of food parcels to the other 117 families.

We launched food distribution for the most vulnerables in the community.

Your support is most welcome.
Acc.No.: 9297036021
Bank: ABSA, Saving Acc.
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